Automobile front windshields are aerodynamically slanted back, allowing direct sunlight into the vehicle, and exposing the skin and eyes of drivers and passengers. Without solar window tint, unwanted solar rays can lead to interior damage, unsafe glare, and even adverse medical effects for passengers. Thankfully, Tint World® Protective Solar Window Tint and UV Window Film has been specifically designed to solve these problems. Our specialized solar window tint allows crystal clear visibility with over 75% visible light transmittance, but blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful, damaging ultraviolet light rays. Solar window tint also provides over 40% heat reduction of the total solar heat energy that enters through your windshield, but without the traditional dark look of tinted glass.

Tint World® solar window tint is also a protective UV window film, providing you and your family complete ultraviolet protection. Solar window tint reduces infrared heat transmissions, increases interior comfort, enhances glare-free lighting, and adds additional safety from premature skin aging and eye conditions. Tint World® Solar Window Tint and UV Window Film can also come with optional shaded protection to reduce bright light, glare, and reflections while driving.

Above all other benefits, UV Window Film and Solar Window Tint protects you and your loved ones from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Solar window tint aids in the prevention of skin cancer, light-sensitive migraine headaches, and cataracts.

Don’t forfeit the protective features of solar window tint. Contact a Tint World® representative to learn how you can enjoy the benefits of our protective solar window tint and UV window films.