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“25 Years in business…you can trust we’ll be here for you”


Awesome Selection, Service & Experience


Pro-Tint, Inc. offers the most advanced techniques and trusted brands in the auto window tinting industry. You can be rest assured that when you come to our facility, we’ll have the perfect fit for your ride at the most reasonable prices.  Just ask anyone around and you’ll see, that we’re not only one the most established shops, but also we have one of the largest selection of films of any shop in the Los Angeles area.  In fact “we guarantee you the best price“, even up to 30 days after the sale!  Some of the product lines include; 3M Crystalline and 3M Color Stable “Nano Carbon” films, Solar Gard‘s Ultra Performance and HP films, Madico‘s – Wincos ceramic films and Sungard’s neutral grey polyster films.  You can be rest assured that you and your car are in great hands.  Our installers are experts in the field and have over 70 years experience between them.


Advanced Computerized Film Cutting System


Humans can be prone to mistake, so we don’t leave any room for error when it comes to car window tint installation. As opposed to the usual method of cutting the film on your vehicle, which might damage glass or rubber seals, the state-of-the-art computerized system that we use pre-cuts the film pattern to the most accurate specifications. This system—and we’re proud to say we’re only one of the very few who use this—ensures almost 100% car window tint accuracy without exposing your vehicle to any risk of damage.


Save energy, fuel costs and Maintenance


Not only does it protect your vehicle’s interior from UV damage by 99%, but also it significantly cools down the car’s interior, so your air conditioner does not need to work as hard.  In the long run, you’ll thank your car’s tinting for significantly extending the working life of your air conditioner. You also enjoy energy savings that could amount to thousands of dollars over the life of your vehicle!


Express Your Individuality


Not only do we stock more film types than most of our competitors in our area combined, but we also can fulfill almost any expression you have. Whatever your preferences are, Pro-Tint has the solution for you. From Mercedes blue film to a metallic grey reflective look or just some cool fancy custom designs for your windows, we have it all here to help you express your individuality.


Advantages & Benefits of Window Tinting


• Window tinting blocks UV-A and UV-B rays by up to 99%
• Protects your eyes and skin from harmful radiation and glare.  In fact it is recommended by the American Cancer Society.
• Protects the car’s interior from premature fading and extends the life of your vehicle’s speakers, dash, fabrics, leather seats and anything made of rubber, wood or plastic.

• As it blocks the sun’s rays, it makes your car’s interior significantly cooler
• Greatly enhances you and your passenger’s comfort
• Significantly improves the efficiency of the air conditioning

• It reduces eyestrain and fatigue from incoming glare for you and your passengers improving your vision and enhancing safety while driving.
• Tinted windows also makes the glass more shatter resistant and less likely to harm you in the event of an accident.

With Pro-Tint auto window tinting,  your and your vehicle can expect protection from the harsh rays of the sun caused by invisible ultraviolet rays that quietly but surely damage everything it touches.  Leather and suede seats will fade and dashboards will crack over time.  Without the UV protection provided by our window films, your car’s interior will get older before it’s time.  Imagine those daily trips down the interstate and you get the picture.


“Guaranteed… Best Pricing and workmanship”


And as if all the perks we offer are not enough, we at Pro-Tint further up the ante with our unbeatable pricing. Not only do we offer the best selection at the best price, guaranteed, but you also receive the additional website promotion.  Good things don’t always have to cost a lot of money. You get the best car window tinting solution at an unbeatable rate!  Don’t wait, just call one of our friendly and informative representatives @ (800) 949-8468 (TINT)

Our highly trained professional technicians are experts at making sure your car window tint is perfectly installed. You can be absolutely sure that, once installed, your car window tint or protective film will never peel or discolor or produce anything that is less than impeccable. If something happens, you are still protected by our iron-clad warranty!