Bluetooth/Ipod Integration


Seamless Bluetooth/iPod Integration


The modern car is a marvel, a mobile powerhouse of modern telecommunications. And with Pro-Tint’s gadget integration solutions, your vehicle is never off the grid.

$ 199.00

We provide Bluetooth/iPod integration, as well as other car accessories to make sure you are always connected, wherever you go, whenever you need it. Our gadget integration solutions are seamlessly employed and make full use of the latest technologies designed for your convenience.



                                                               $ 149.00

Each day, new and better gadgets are launched and released. And as much as you want to get your hands on all of them, there is only so much you can take. New gadgets are also more complicated—they come chockfull of new features that seem to get increasingly complicated with each updated version.


Pro-Tint takes the pain out of gadget integration—we’ll gladly synchronize or integrate your car with telecommunication and satellite navigation accessories to keep you constantly connected and well informed at all times. Pages of product manuals with unhelpful diagrams? You don’t know which cable to connect to what socket? Say goodbye to all that confusion. We will do all the work for you—Bluetooth enabled gadgets or mobile phones for in-car hands-free phone conversation, mp3 or iPod integration with your vehicle’s audio system, installation of navigation gadgets and entertainment devices. You name it, we know how to install it.


Bluetooth Integration


These days, crucial business decisions are made in a split second. You cannot afford to miss all that action, even for the few minutes you’re driving on the road. But it’s a tricky affair: using your phone the conventional way while dodging incoming traffic and rushing your way to your destination can be risky—statistics have shown that even the briefest distraction of holding your mobile phone to speak with someone can be dangerous.


The Pro-Tint solution: completely hands-free Bluetooth integration of your mobile phone with the car’s system. You no longer have to fumble with your mobile phone’s keys: with our state-of-the-art voice recognition feature, simple say the name out loud, and our Bluetooth hands-free kit dials the number. No looking up the phone book, no thumbing on the keypad: your hands safely stay where they are needed most: on the steering wheel.


Our Bluetooth integration kit works with any car model, with a control module that can be easily updated. Designed to keep you well connected without sacrificing convenience and safety, our Bluetooth hands-free kit is a must-have.


Entertainment On the Go


Our gadget integration solutions also include on-board navigation and pain-free integration of your music gadgets such as mp3 players or iPods. You don’t have to deal with unsightly cables: our iPod integration kit comes with car stereo adapters that fits snugly and blends seamlessly with your car’s interior. What’s more, it comes with neat features for utmost ease of use: simultaneous charging of your iPod during usage, and also the ability to control your iPod from the car stereo.


Pro-Tint have highly trained electronics professionals that can assist you and give you the best advice on how to spice up your on-board entertainment set-up. They can help you decide which system is best for you in consideration of your budget or your car. Don’t risk messing up your setup—let our electronics professionals do the magic.


Call or contact our Pro-Tint representative today to discuss how you can make your vehicle a lot more fun.