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Car Accessories



We at Pro-Tint know how much you love your car, that’s why we offer nothing but the most exciting selection of the best car accessories currently in the market. Whether you just want to jazz up your car to reflect your own personality, or enhance its safety, comfort or efficiency, we have just the right high-quality top-of-the-line accessory for you.


Light Up Your Car’s Interior with LED Neons


Neon interior LEDs are becoming more and more popular among the sophisticated set, especially for those who want to bring their “mood” with them anywhere they go. Neon LED interior lighting from Pro-Tint are available in different packages, depending on what “feel” you’re going for—whether you want some calm ambiance, or turn your spacious interiors into a “disco bubble,” our interior LED lighting packages will surely delight you.


High-quality Exterior Car Accessories


Pro-Tint’s exterior car accessories range from exterior lighting solutions to high-quality and high-durability extensions. From long-lasting Xenon lights to our wide selection of LED underglow lighting, to sports lights and deflectors. Our Xenon lights approach the brightness of actual sunlight, and last longer than other halogen lamps. We also have roof and truck racks from prestigious brands, which can effectively increase your vehicle’s storage space as necessary. As you know, extra storage space is crucial in saving fuel and effort and reduces the back-and-forth required in certain hauling jobs.


Premium Interior Accessories


Our interior packages are designed to enhance your sense of luxury and comfort while inside your vehicle. After all, you spend much time inside your car, might as well make it as cozy and sophisticated as possible, right? And in terms of interior enhancement, we have absolutely everything you may ever need, and more. Our plush selection of leather seat covers is meticulously designed and can be custom made according to your specifications—with advanced seat heaters to boot—perfect for those days when call of duty demands that you must drive out there even when it’s freezing cold.


But that’s not all! We can help you transform your car into the vehicle of your dreams. Pro-Tint’s advanced technology-driven capability to perform safe customizations has been proven by thousands of happy, fully satisfied customers. Any look you want to achieve with your car’s interior—no matter how quirky—we can definitely deliver.


Our huge selection of 3D molded customized dashboards is designed to give your car flair or a sense of style. Our custom dashboards are made of high-grade synthetics, subjected to stringent durability tests to make sure you’re going to enjoy your customized dash for the life of your car. We can also professionally and easily install your chosen customizations, cleanly and at par with factory standards, so that no matter how customized your car becomes, safety and high quality are never sacrificed.



Pro-Tint’s exciting selection of car accessories are designed to enhance the look, feel and functionality of your vehicle’s interior and exterior. Call us today to discuss how we can further improve your driving experience.