Pro-Tint Inc. provides residential window films and residential window tint solutions for your home.

We carry state-of-the-art films, enabling you to select the one that best addresses the unique requirements for your home. Our diverse selection of commercial grade window films include: ceramic films, solar films, safety films, blackout films, frost films, and hundreds of other designer film options.

Our films are made in ISO 9001 certified factories within the highest-rated room environments. For you, this means enhanced visible clarity and longevity.

We guarantee we will have the perfect fit for your home at the most reasonable prices.

Benefits of Solar Powered Window Tint

Benefits of Solar Control Window Films Include:

  • Heat gain reduction in the summer
  • Limit heat loss during winter months
  • Lower annual energy costs by as much as 33%
  • Improved longevity of HVAC systems
  • Protect from fading / As much as 99% of UVA&B
  • Glare reduction on screens and monitors
  • Maintain natural light while enjoying the benefits
  • Enhances your view
  • Increased daytime privacy
  • Adds style and elegance to your windows

Using window film in your home or commercial building helps to protect you and your property from the damaging effects of the sun. Over time, the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays contribute to the fading of interior furnishings, fabrics, artwork and flooring and can cause uneven or very warm temperatures within a building. The sun can also damage your skin, and its glare can cause eyestrain. What’s more, window film can hold shards of broken glass together in the event of an accident, vandalism, or break-in.

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