Residential/Commerical Tint


Advanced Window Tinting for Residential and Commercial Installation


Commercial Tint


Pro-Tint commercial tinting solutions can make your commercial building or workplace a happier, more productive, and safer venue. Our diverse selection of commercial grade window films include: ceramic and solar films, anti-graffiti and safety films, blackout and frost films and hundreds of designer films, too many to list.  Our products are from leading manufacturers with a proven track record in reliability in the global arena.  The following are just some of the brands we carry: Solar Gard, Panorama, 3M, Suntek, Madico, Llumar, Solux, and Sungard window films.  The benefits are tremendous and last for the long term, and simply by adding our window films to your office windows you could save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in energy savings over the years.  Whether you are a high rise property manager, an industrial property owner or a local retail establishment,  the savings are well worth the investment you make in installing our commercial grade window films.


The Benefits of Pro-Tint Commercial Tint and Solar Film


  • Ambient comfort regardless of the season
  • Reduces glare and eye strain
  • Protects furniture and equipment from fading and aging
  • Blocks out UV rays and reduces ambient heat by up to 80%
  • Reduces energy expenses
  • Enhances the establishment’s overall privacy and security
  • Works positively well with the building’s built-in climate control system
  • Significantly improves the building’s appearance

Anti Glare Solar Tinted Windows



Save on Energy Bills


Sure, having glass windows and doors is stylish and modern, but it also adds quite significantly to your energy bills. Your glass walls or windows practically turn your office into a green house: trapping heat inside and forcing the air conditioning system to work so much harder. But you can stay stylish without having to sacrifice a lot—investing in our state-of-the-art commercial window or glass tinting solution enables you to enjoy up to 80% savings in air conditioning expenses. That could easily amount to thousands of dollars of savings yearly!


Protect your Office Furniture and Equipment


Nothing damages or causes fading than daily exposure to the sun. In fact, it only takes a few months for color on your furniture to begin fading—the carpet, the seat covers, practically anything made of rubber, plastic, or wood is at risk of premature “aging.”


As our professionally installed commercial window tinting service blocks up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays, your office furniture and equipment are safe, even those located near the windows!


More Comfortable Workplace


Without our commercial glass tinting technology, the only way to reduce glare is by drawing the curtains close or closing the blinds. Not only this would have a claustrophobic effect that may get in the way of office productivity, but you will have to turn on the lights—an added expense.


Now, Pro-Tint commercial tint and solar film lets the light in without the uncomfortable glare. So with much reduced eye strain and a generally more comfortable work environment, people are able to do their business smoothly and more efficiently. Now that’s something that could positively impact your bottom line!


Residential Tint


Much like its commercial counterpart, Pro-Tint tint and solar film for residences are produced through nothing but the most advanced technology. Not only does it enhance your home’s overall visual character and appearance, it also protects it in many ways.


Make your Home More Beautiful


Our decorative window film could lend to your windows the luxurious look of etched glass—but without the actual high cost of sandblasting. What’s more, our residential home window tinting creates a calm ambiance as it smoothly disperses and softens incoming light, thereby rendering an atmosphere steeped in luxury. Our decorative window film treatment can give any ordinary glass an unmistakable upscale look.


Ensure Privacy


Our residential window tinting service can let you enjoy your private moments the way they are meant to be enjoyed—privately. We offer our patented Privacy Film, which enables light to seep into your home while preventing outsiders from getting an inside view. Anyone from the outside—passersby or neighbors—will not see anything in. You can live in a glass house all you want but still retain your privacy!


Pro-Tint’s Window Tint Skylight Treatment


Many homes have existing skylights to provide natural illumination in specific areas. However, conventional skylights can be too bright or harshly lit, especially during sunny days. In this case, furniture or equipment in the sky-lit room can be sun-damaged and staying in the room can be very uncomfortable. Not anymore. With Pro-Tint’s window tint skylight treatment, our solar film lets only the right amount of UV-free light—a soft, tranquil glow conducive to rest and relaxation.


Residential and Commercial Tint Services

When it comes to a complete array of residential and commercial tint treatments, Pro-Tint has everything you need. Contact a Pro-Tint representative today to discuss how our window and solar film solutions can change the way you work and live.