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With Pro-Tint’s roster of some of the world’s best “super brands” in car window tinting and solar film installation, residential and commercial window and glass wall tinting solutions, car accessories, car alarms and auto security products, and mobile electronics, we are in a position of marketing strength that allows us to always give you the best possible deals at the most competitive prices. As if that’s not awesome enough, we make it a point to always offer seasonal promos, discounts or special offers designed to benefit our most loyal customers.

For example, find incredible deals with our seat heaters during the winter season. And when it comes to out-of-town road trips, nothing gives you confidence than outfitting your vehicle with some of Pro-tint’s performance enhancing accessories, such as roof and trunk extenders, high efficiency Xenon lamps and sports lights, grilles and chrome accessories. You never have to lose your way with our selection of digital navigational equipment, or even our backup assistance solutions. We also have car accessories to add more style and character to your car and make it much more aesthetically pleasing: customized designs for your window tint for that fresh upscale look, protective heavy duty film to keep your vehicle’s paint job looking like it just came off the factory, and customized dash boards, LED interior lighting, and a lot more!

And speaking of performance, our hands-free Bluetooth solutions can let you do your business on the road without compromising your safety. Call your business partners and discuss with them the day’s deal—without having to remove your hands from the steering wheel or your eyes off the road. Not only that, we also have a host of other accessories that can nicely meet your business-related requirements.

And while you’re at it, why not jazz up your on-board entertainment system to make sure those long hours of driving on the road will fly by like magic—our selection of integrative solutions can harmoniously sync with various mobile gadgets (iPods, mp3 players, what have you) with your car’s existing audio system. You don’t have to fumble with cables and user manuals as our staff—highly trained in mobile electronics—will make sure your gadgets will seamlessly get integrated with your vehicle’s electronics, regardless of your car’s make or model.

Our mission at Pro-Tint is to transform any car into something you have always dreamed of. There is no limit as to how much enhancement you can do (although our professional customization experts will give sound advice on the best kind of enhancements your car can have, with careful consideration of your budget). You love your car, and we know that, because we love cars, too! And if it is the vehicle your whole family uses, doesn’t it deserve to be safer, higher performing, and even more fun to drive? That’s Pro-Tint’s goal.

Always watch out for Pro-Tint’s popular Specials — there is always something here to delight you and change the way you feel and experience your car. We are all about enhancement—your car’s performance, capabilities, entertainment functionalities, appearance, and over-all “personality.” Call us today to see what special offers you can take advantage of right now.

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