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Should I get Window Film

Should I get Window Film

1. Tint Benefits Increase your energy savings. Tinting your windows can be much more about substance than style. One of the most important and talked-about benefits of window tinting is its potential to noticeably lower your energy bill. When treated to a high-quality professional tint, windows will bleed out less heat and AC. This means that heat will be conserved through the winter, and repelled during the summer, giving your HVAC systems a rest and saving you money on fuel and electricity costs. Without ever needing to commit to an expensive and time-consuming window replacement process, you can increase both your energy savings and comfort in windowed rooms.

2. Tint Benefits Safeguard your precious furniture. Finding the right piece of furniture that complements the size and style of your home can be a difficult process. Excessive sun exposure can fade and damage your precious furniture findings, but window tinting can help! You can save your favorite furniture without needing to be the only house on the block that insists on keeping the curtains tightly closed. Window film offers UV protection that will minimize the fading damage doled out by the sun’s rays. This means that your carpets, rugs, artwork, wood flooring, and furniture pieces will all be granted a life extension. Tinting allows you to keep your interior decor in shape while still being able to enjoy the sun’s rays.

3. Tint Benefits Guard against the sun’s damaging UV rays. It is quite rare to see a family applying sun lotion for a day spent in their home’s sun room. Most families are lucky enough to remember to apply sun protection when spending a day at the beach! As laughable as the notion of requiring indoor sun protection may seem, it is actually a reality. The sun’s harmful UV rays can still affect people inside their homes. Fortunately, most window film products reduce harmful UV rays by over 90%, enabling families across the world to enjoy the warmth and vitamin D of the sun’s rays without any of the worry.

4. Tint Benefits Minimize damages during window breaks. Whether in a residential or commercial building, window panes are always seemingly at risk of breaking under the force of an errant softball. Window tinting adds an extra layer of protection so that your building windows break in a fashion similar to that seen with car windows. This film eliminates the risk of shattering, preventing cutting glass shards from spraying into the home and potentially injuring family members. Window film also strengthens glass panes in general, minimizing the risks of breaks even in the event of violent storms or attempted vandalism.

5. Tint Benefits Eliminate bothersome glare. Most people enjoy the feel and aesthetic of sunlight pooling in their living spaces, but too much sun can cause disruptive glare, hampering recreational television watching and lowering office productivity. Window film eliminates this troublesome glare, giving the resident the best of both worlds with a warm, bright interior that is free of distracting reflections.

6. Tint Benefits Increase your privacy. Window film really does provide the home owner the best of both worlds. Window tint will still let beautiful light into your home, while obscuring your home’s interior to sidewalk audiences. This makes window tinting an excellent choice for rooms requiring extra privacy, such as bathrooms, bedrooms, and offices that happen to face the street.

7. Tint Benefits Give your home a decorative edge. As mentioned earlier, window tinting is commonly thought of as a stylistic feature. Though window tint is more a matter of substance than style, they do still offer a way of adding a nice aesthetic touch to a building. Decorative window films are usually offered, featuring mural designed or picturesque stock views, while more subtle darkened tints can be used to imitate the look of high-end window panes. The ease of application and removal means that changing the look or upping the curb appeal of your home is as simple as possible.

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