If you need reliable, heavy duty protection from chips, nicks and scratches, you have found the ultimate solution with Pro-Tint.

When it comes to auto paint protection, nothing comes close to Pro-Tint paint protection film solutions.

The product of years of extensive research and utilizing the most advanced technology, our paint protective urethane film is virtually invisible, yet highly effective in protecting your car’s paint. You no longer have to worry about the smallest things scratching the shiny exterior of your prized vehicle—accidental projectiles such as gravel, pebbles, stones or any debris can easily nick or scratch your car’s paint, and it’s impossible to predict where they might be coming from. Our auto paint protective film can give you peace of mind—it even works as an excellent shield against minor collisions!

10 Year Guaranteed Warranty

What’s more, with Pro-Tint auto paint protection film, your car’s resale value is preserved—thanks to its ability to keep your vehicle in almost pristine condition—as if it has just rolled out of the assembly line. With its outstanding protection against UV rays and its proven ability to withstand daily abuse, our auto paint protection can take the worry out of your mind.

  • 3M high quality invisible paint protection film

  • Will not change your vehicle’s appearance, actually improves it.

  • Protects vehicle’s paint from costly scratches, dings and stone chips and maintain the new car glossy finish without the need of wax.

  • No maintenance required and is safe to apply wax over it.

  • 5 year 3M Factory Warranty against: peeling, yellowing and bubbling.

Pro-Tint has been serving the San Gabriel Valley for over 30 years. Our services include auto window tinting, residential window tinting, commercial window tinting, auto paint protection, and a full line of car accessory options. With our highly trained technicians, advanced techniques, quality products, and competitive pricing, we guarantee you will be more than satisfied with your service.

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