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The Most Reliable Auto Security Products

Pro-Tint carries the most trusted names in car security and car alarms under its wing, including: Viper, Clifford, Avital, Sidewinder, Carbine and Crimestopper. You name it, we’ve got it all. Whether you’re driving a sedan, SUV, wagon, pick-up truck, or a motorcycle, we have a full line-up of auto security products that can specifically address your needs. Auto security is an extremely demanding field as it is always engaged in an unspoken “war” against car thieves or anyone else who wants to breach the protective bubble of your vehicle. Car security manufacturer’s continually strive to create new patented breakthrough devices to further enhances the security of your vehicle and stay ahead of the professional car thieves.

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As with other Pro-Tint products, our auto security systems come with a Lifetime Warranty.

If you need any advice on your vehicle’s security, call us anytime and our in-house car security experts will gladly assist you.

Car owners not only have to contend with pros, but also with amateur wannabe thieves who only do the deed just for kicks. In the face of so many possible potential threats to the safety and status of your vehicle, it deserves nothing but state-of-the-art auto security alarm systems.

Pro-Tint is excellently staffed with highly trained car alarm installation professionals who not only can help you assess your security needs, but will also gladly install your chosen auto security system according to clean standards that meet factory requirements. Our car alarm systems can be seamlessly integrated into your vehicle’s electronic system. You don’t have to choose blindly, as such professionals can accurately assess exactly what you can fully use.

As with any other type of car accessories, car alarm systems must follow a stringent level of quality and advanced technology. Pro-Tint knows this, and has partnered with the best in the field of car security systems—alarms that can be seamlessly integrated and installed in your vehicle’s existing electronic systems, whatever its model or make. Name any well-respected brand in the field of auto security, and we have it.

Viper Security Systems

Viper 350 1 Way Security System

From $199.00 installed (Most Cars)

Viper 350 Plus 2 Way Pager Security System

From $279.00 installed (Most Cars)

Viper 5704 2 Way Pager Security System W/ Remote Start

From $499.00 installed (Most Cars)

Viper 5904 2 Way Pager Security System W/ Remote Start

From $599.00 installed (Most Cars)

Aside from our extensive range of car alarms, we also offer other advanced accessories and devices designed to enhance your security. For instance, we have a programmable voice-activated system that can be used to record custom messages using your own voice. When your car’s security system detects a possible intruder, it can say “Back away” in your own voice. It can also function as a remote PA system to scare away potential threats.

What’s more, installing our auto security products not only protects you from harm, but also significantly reduces the amount of your car’s insurance premium. Insurance companies commonly take the existence of car security systems as one of the major factors in assessing how much they will have to charge you for your car’s insurance. With these benefits, what more can you ask for?

Viper Authorized Warranty Service Center

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