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Top-of-the-line Car Audio


Your car doesn’t have to be a boring box of metal, especially in this day and age of mobile personal media. If individuals can carry with them their entire catalogue of music on their iPads, there’s no reason you can’t have the same entertainment functionality in your own vehicle, right?


Pro-Tint’s selection of car audio accessories will make any audiophile salivate. Think “fun”—we’re it. When you visit our store you can expect to find in stock the following: Alpine, Kenwood, Pioneer, Focal, Jensen and Clarion. Whether you are merely looking for a basic setup or aspiring to assemble the awesomest car audio and video system, we’re here to make that happen.


Accessorize your Dashboard


As an authorized dealer of several highly regarded brand names in car audio and video categories, Pro-Tint has everything that you could think of. We have all kinds of CD, DVD, digital media, and car stereo components. What’s more, we have the widest range of in-dash stereo components that could definitely bring out the music lover in you.


Incredible Car Audio


Our powerful in-dash systems feature built-in amplifiers, extensive audio controls, and easy connection options (docks) for your iPod, mp3 players and other entertainment gadgets. Do you want full control of your music? We have equalizers, sound processors and the highest quality subwoofer and speaker systems to realize your dream. If you’re the sort who would not compromise with quality, we also have the world’s leading brands in component speaker systems or vehicle-specific enclosures that can enwrap you in an immersive ambiance of totally terrific sound.


You can also turn your car stereo into a powerful GPS navigation system—our wide selection of mobile electronics products enables you to enjoy on-the-road guidance with nifty features such as touch-screen controls, large monitors that are easy on the eyes, and turn-by-turn voice guidance. You’re never helpless with these advanced in dash gadgets.


Or maybe you’d like to bring your movies with you? Our car video offerings—from LCD and LED monitors to DVD and Blue Ray DVD players—will make the idea of watching a movie by the lakeside seem perfectly feasible.


Pro-Tint’s car audio and video offerings enable you to expand your car’s entertainment potential, so that even long trips can be a breeze, and getting stuck in city traffic won’t fray your nerves. Our unique soundproofing technology can also further enhance your entertainment experience—you can practically leave all the cares of the world outside the door as you enjoy a truly exhilarating audio and video experience.


And of course, all these advanced options don’t have to stress you out. We have highly trained professionals who can take one look at your vehicle and listen to your smallest concerns, and immediately provide you an advice you can use. Our aim is full customer satisfaction—we won’t stop until you get what you really want, at the most competitive price.


Call us and let’s discuss how we can make your car’s audio and video system much more awesome.